“After thoroughly vetting multiple SMS tools for our department,… it is clear to us that Polaris’ offering in the SMS arena is far superior to anything else out there.  Their VOCUS platform, utilizing the combination of FlightRisk and Vector SMS, provides such a robust tool for the preventative analysis of hazards and risks.”

– Aaron Larson, Safety Manager /
Sr. International Captain, Qualcomm Aviation

“We have utilized the entire Polaris suite for roughly three years…. In that time-frame, we’ve undergone fleet changes/additions, personnel/organizational changes, an IS-BAO Stage II audit, and an IS-BAO Stage III audit. Put very bluntly, Vector/FlightRisk performance has been nothing short of phenomenal. As a safety manager, the software suite allows me to focus on our major issues and streamlined administrative work impressively. Our flight risk assessment process has become a cornerstone of the operation and is well respected by upper management.”

– Max Grover, Safety Officer, Dell Corporate Aviation

“This is a game changer for my department. We will be using FlightRisk on a daily basis now and I will be using it for my Hazard Registry and all my SMS & FDM investigations. I am very happy with this program.”

Jared Williams, Vice President Safety & Quality, AirSprint

“VOCUS dovetails perfectly with our progressive safety culture…by leveraging their Flightrisk product and Vector SMS C-FOQA integrated capability, we are able to more accurately assess our hazards, within a more automated, less laborious construct, and conduct real-time assessments for optimized mitigation.” 

– Greg Anderson, Aviation Manager/Chief Pilot, Vulcan Value Partners

“Vector SMS was a key factor in our obtaining approval from the Mexican Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil (DGAC). It is a simple and intuitive software application that helps improve the safety and effectiveness of our entire flight department.”

– Francisco Gonzalez, Grupo ALFA Chief Pilot

“Vector SMS helps business aviation customers comply with not only Bermuda’s new mandates but also other countries’ as these standards become adopted globally and help drive improvements in aviation safety everywhere.”

– Bob Richard, Staff Vice President, Rockwell Collins ARINCDirect

“Gray Stone recently assisted a new business aviation organization prepare for their IS-BAO Stage 1 Registration Audit. Since Stage 1  requires a strong safety management system (SMS) to be in place, the organization chose Polaris Aero’s Vector SMS and FlightRisk applications, incorporating these tools into their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Flight Operations Manual (FOM).  Because of the ease working with the VOCUS system, the organization was able to demonstrate a fully functioning SMS, achieving  Stage 1 certification within 2 months of taking delivery of their first aircraft.”

– Shannon Rupe, Senior Project Manager, Gray Stone Advisors

“We could not have achieved ARGUS Platinum status without Flight Risk/Vector, and your implementation partner AvBrite.  We floundered for the first year, because we did not understand the formalization of Safety or any of the jargon. We also didn’t appreciate the complexity and capabilities of Vector, until your team brought us up to speed …Knowing now, the powerful features of Vector, I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend it to any potential customers of yours.”

Captain Dave Knowland, Director of Safety, EliteJets  


Has Polaris Aero made a difference in your business? We would love to hear about it. Please email us your story to post it to our site.


Has Polaris Aero made a difference in your business? We would love to hear about it. Please email us your story to post it to our site.