vector sms software release notes

The Vector SMS web-based subscription software solution is a comprehensive safety and quality management system, helping users achieve the highest level of safety and improve the overall effectiveness of their aviation organizations. It also meets global safety management system (SMS) standards, including the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO). Vector SMS is available in English and Spanish. Read more about Vector SMS.

Vector SMS software release notes

SEPTEMBER 1, 2017: RELEASE 6.0.0

Continuous Overdue Notifications

Users with overdue tasks and acknowledgements will now receive email reminders until the item is completed.

Easier Tagging

Vector SMS has long supported tagging items to improve search organization.  It’s now even easier to tag items:  tags can be created with just one click.

Other Improvements

  • The system will now remove any outstanding acknowledgements from items after they are moved to the Trash.
  • Outstanding acknowledgements will be removed upon deactivating a user.
  • Previews for images uploaded to the document library will now be rotated correctly based on their metadata (important for images taken with Apple devices).
  • Images uploaded to the document library will now scale to the available screen size.
  • Administrators can now filter user accounts by application, making it easier to manage users.

AUGUST 1, 2017: RELEASE 5.2.0

Improved Policy/Training Page Browsing

Lists of pages can now be sorted and the titles can be searched. New “quick view” allows a page to be viewed without leaving the list of pages.

Advanced Policy/Training Page Search

Enhanced Subscription Required

Tags can be added to pages, and the full contents of the page can be searched using tags or free text.

Improved “Remember Me” Feature

Customers who login to Vector from another application will now have the opportunity to remember/trust the device. This reduces the need to enter a username and password, even when coming directly to

Improved Login Flow

Vector will now automatically display the home screen for users on trusted devices (no need to click a “continue to Vector SMS” button).

Improved Setup Screen

The setup screen has been redesigned with a cleaner look and better organization.

March 30, 2017

  • New Custom Training Aids – Users can create their own custom training pages, including PowerPoint presentations, which can be shared throughout the organization.
  • New Lessons Learned – Closed-out Issues can be published directly to the company’s “Lessons Learned” section. This makes it easy for safety managers to share insights derived from the risk management process.
  • New Issue Status Report – Provides an easy-to-read summary of what’s happening within the Issue, including outstanding work items, which can be emailed to any user (or group of users) within the organization.
  • New Redacted Safety Report Sharing – Administrators can redact and publish submitted safety reports. This allows users to share critical and/or time-sensitive information within the organization while ensuring anonymity for the reporters.
  • New “Issue by Category” Widget – Drill-down functionality allows users to view the Issues associated with each category (safety, security, quality, and environmental).
  • New Activity History – Administrators can track almost everything in the system (i.e., “who did what”). Improve organization’s safety culture/community by allowing all employees to voice comments/concerns on safety information. Activity history for all items (roll up changes in all items in the domain).
  • New Collaboration Features – All users have the ability to comment on published items – published hazard reports, lessons learned, and policy pages – which facilitates communication throughout the organization.
  • Improved Audit Finding Functionality – Users can assign Finding tasks from the “Findings” page, view “Finding Status” on Audits page, and view new “Findings by Status” graph.
  • Improved Security Model – Users can see who has access to specific items (e.g., documents, risk controls).


October 30, 2016:

  • New Custom Checklist Generator – Users can create, complete, and archive checklists from within the Vector SMS application.  Checklists can be run independently or assigned to an individual to complete in conjunction with an audit.  Checklists can be completed using a computer, tablet or even a smart phone.
  • Improved Read and Acknowledgement system – The read and acknowledgement system has a new management interface which makes it easy to review pending, overdue, and completed acknowledgements.  There is also a new dashboard that provides trending analytics on the performance of the organization’s acknowledgement program.
  • New Dashboard for Safety Risk Profile – New dashboard that displays a variety of analytics on the Safety Profile.  Makes it easy for management to periodically review the highest risk activities of the organization.


September 23, 2016:

Enhanced User Experience – Vector SMS software version 3.2 includes a host of new, upgraded features to enhance the user’s experience, including:

  • Calendar Feature – Now reflects the scheduled start and end dates for a proposed audit as well as the actual start and end dates for a completed audit.
  • Read-only View – Vector SMS’s new user interface supports an improved, “read-only” view for “Audit System Assessment Reports,” “Submitted Reports”, and the “Issues Related” features. This includes a “sanitized view” of the content being shared with users who are granted “read-only” access, therefore confidential details are not revealed about the reporter.
  • Drill-down Functionality – Users can get more information about issues by Department, Audit Finding, Issues by Operational Process and/or by Report.
  • Audit Findings – Now provides a date filter and supports drill-down.
  • New Vector SMS Help Center – Includes FAQs, a knowledge base and a community portal.
  • Submitted Report – Now supports a sanitized view when being shared with users that are granted Read-Only access. Allows sharing of reports without revealing info about reporter.
  • Issue “Related” Tab – Now supports an improved, read-only view.

June 29, 2016:

  • User Interface – The new “responsive” Vector SMS will automatically customize the user interface to suit the user’s device: desktop, tablet, or mobile device. This provides for a much better experience on touch devices, such as tablets and smart phones.
  • New Document Library – The new document library allows users to track document versions, create a “read and acknowledgement” for each document, view documents within the application (without a need to download the document), and create custom “tags” for documents. This tagging allows users to visualize document associations, and conduct advanced document searches.
    Another feature is the “auto-generated folders” feature, through which the system automatically organizes all documents associated with records in Vector SMS. The auto-generated folders apply to documents associated with Reports, Issues, Audits, Policy Pages, and Acknowledgements.
  • Login tracking for each user – With a new “login tracking” capability for each user, Safety Managers will now be able to monitor the login history for each user.
  • New Password Reset (Vector and FlightRisk) – Vector SMS and FlightRisk users can now reset their own login passwords – even if they lock themselves out after too many incorrect login attempts. In addition, domain administrators can now create new passwords for users.
  • Enhanced Security Options (Vector and FlightRisk) – New custom password expiration/re-use rules enable system administrators to set the level of security appropriate for their organizations. Some companies require password expirations and specific password rules around complexity and re-use. Vector SMS can now be configured to better match subscribers’ corporate information security policies.

February 23, 2016:

  • Read/Acknowledge System Dashboard – Vector SMS read/acknowledge (R&A) system can be used to track communications and ensure that critical information is disseminated to all designated users. The accompanying dashboard (available to Enhanced subscribers) consolidates and tracks the status of each acknowledgement item, saving managers time and effort. This dashboard can be viewed on the DASHBOARD tab under ASSURANCE.
  • Hazard Report Notes Sharing – Vector SMS now features an icon to indicate the number of notes appended to a hazard report. This feature helps to ensure that users not only read the report itself, but also read the accompanying notes. The report notes are an optimal means for safety managers to communicate immediate risk controls in response to recent hazard reports. Managers can determine who has access to the notes via the report’s security settings.
  • New Password Lockout – Polaris Aero takes the security of your data very seriously. To further the security of both FlightRisk and Vector SMS, we have implemented a password lockout that takes effect after five unsuccessful login attempts. When users are locked out, they will need to contact their administrator to have their accounts reset. (An admin user can easily reset a user account from the MANAGE USERS page. The new login reset is available under the user account TOOLS tab.)

November 1, 2015:

  • Read/Acknowledge System – Provides a convenient, timesaving way for safety managers to electronically track whether users have “read” and/or “acknowledged” a new memorandum, policy or publication, which improves information flow, facilitates audit compliance, and increases accountability.
  • Event Classification System – Creates new, more intuitive aviation-safety occurrence categories, making it easier to identify events that may need to be reported to civil aviation authorities (e.g., NTSB and Transport Canada). It also helps identify appropriate safety performance indicators – events that could lead to more serious outcomes.
  • Integrated Learning Management System (LMS) – Offers managers a simple and effective way to ensure everyone within the organization has received the appropriate training in accordance with ICAO and IS-BAO standards. These 17 eLearning courses are accessible via computer, tablet, and mobile web browsers.

August 1, 2015:

  • Online Chat – Provides another way to communicate online with a Polaris Aero technical support representative (in beta testing).
  • Unarchive Hazard Reports – Gives users the ability to unarchive hazard reports and return them to “pending” status so they can be used to create an issue.