At Polaris Aero, we make flying safer. Explore our flagship safety software, FlightRisk® & Vector SMS®.

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FlightRisk® is an advanced risk assessment system that provides real-time hazard identification and custom advisory messages based on the factors that are most relevant to your flight. Polaris Aero’s FlightRisk seamlessly integrates with ARINCDirectSM flight planning, FOS® scheduling, PFM® scheduling, and Vector SMS®, saving you time and effort. Learn more

Advanced Flight Risk Assessments

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Vector SMS® is a comprehensive safety management system (SMS) for business and commercial aviation organizations. This easy-to-use subscription software improves operational effectiveness, and helps you achieve the highest level of safety. It also meets global SMS standards for ICAO, IS-BAO, Bermuda, EASA, FAA, Mexican DGAC, and Transport Canada. Learn more

Integrated Safety & Quality Management

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See what people are saying

  • “Vector SMS® was a key factor in our obtaining approval from the Mexican Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil (DGAC). It is a simple and intuitive software application that helps improve the safety and effectiveness of our entire flight department."

    - Francisco Gonzalez, Grupo ALFA Chief Pilot

  • “Vector SMS® helps business aviation customers comply with not only Bermuda’s new mandates but also other countries’ as these standards become adopted globally and help drive improvements in aviation safety everywhere.”

    - Bob Richard, staff vice president, Rockwell Collins ARINCDirect

  • "FlightRisk® is the easiest way to comply with the IS-BAO risk management process."

    - Chief Pilot, Fortune 100 company

  • “FlightRisk® is the most usable SMS tool on the market.”

    - Mark Lauritzen, Chief of Safety, TB Aviation