flight safety software

Relevant, real-time risk assessment

FlightRisk is an advanced risk assessment system that provides real-time hazard identification and custom advisory messages. Unlike subjective hazard scoring systems, FlightRisk provides an objective analysis of thousands of data points – pilot, environmental, airfield, and aircraft – relating to your flight. FlightRisk goes beyond awareness; it helps facilitate action.

Click here to listen to an IBAC webinar recording of Polaris Aero Co-Founder and CEO Chris Connor explaining the pitfalls of hazard scoring systems.

integrated aviation software

FlightRisk is designed specifically for pilots, safety managers, schedulers and dispatchers, providing:

Comprehensive safety snapshot

A comprehensive analysis of thousands of data points, from a variety of sources, is gathered into a unified, easy-to-understand framework. Factors include weather, NOTAMs, regulations, manuals and other safety publications.

Customizable to your policies and procedures

Create custom hazard advisory messages based on your company’s policies and procedures using a simple setup wizard. Managers can track how often these custom messages are displayed to pilots, helping to determine which procedures are most effective at reducing risk.

Dynamic data that works for you

We didn’t just take paper forms and digitize them. We created a solution that makes information instantly sharable across applications, to give you dynamic data that can drive meaningful improvement throughout your organization.

Third party integration

FlightRisk integrates seamlessly into various third party providers, including ARINCDirectSM flight planning, FOS® scheduling, TripPlanning.biz scheduling, PFM® scheduling, BART scheduling, Airplane Manager scheduling, and Pulsar Fatigue Technology. This saves time and effort by eliminating the need for pilots, schedulers and safety managers to enter information in multiple software applications.

A shared knowledge base

Unique to our industry, this risk rating feature allows operators to anonymously rate hazards and potential safety issues at different airports. The ratings are organized by phase of flight, enabling pilots to give fellow pilots a “heads-up” about possible risks they might encounter.

Learn how FlightRisk provides better flight risk assessment information, not just more information.

Learn how FlightRisk provides better flight risk assessment information, not just more information.