New Vector SMS® and GE C-FOQA® Integration

GE and Polaris Aero have come together to offer a comprehensive safety solution. By integrating GE’s C-FOQA into Vector SMS, users can streamline the identification, tracking, and root cause analysis of C-FOQA events.


C-FOQA is important because it automatically and objectively captures specific aircraft deviations (e.g., incomplete flight controls checks, unstable approaches). By tracking and trending this information, organizations can see where they need to allocate safety resources.

Why Vector SMS?

Vector SMS is an organizational safety management system that simplifies and streamlines the safety process. The intuitive user interface and comprehensive task management tools ensure that problems, once identified, are quickly controlled.

Benefits of an integrated Vector SMS / GE C-FOQA solution:
  • Saves Time: Avoid double-data entry.
  • Improves Accuracy: Reduce errors caused by manually inputing data into Vector SMS.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Get a more detailed look at events by linking C-FOQA reports to pilot-submitted reports.
  • Detailed Insights: Use Vector SMS to help identify the root causes – human, organizational, environmental, and mechanical – of C-FOQA events.

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