…inadvertently busted your altitude?
…landed with less than the required fuel reserves?
…accidentally exceeded a required inspection date?

We all make honest mistakes.
You shouldn’t lose your license because of it.

The FAA recognizes that honest mistakes happen. The Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) is a voluntary safety program created by the FAA that encourages employees to report regulatory violations. As long as the violations are unintentional, issues are resolved through corrective action rather than punishment.

Vector SMS makes the ASAP process easy

Easy to Report

You can file ASAP reports with our mobile apps (iOS and Android).

Easy to Decide

Not all safety events require an ASAP report. Our built-in ASAP wizard makes it easy to determine if the incident qualifies as an ASAP report.

Easy to Manage

Use the same familiar issue process for both ASAP and non-ASAP safety reports. We make it easy to report, track, and manage both ASAP and non-ASAP issues.

We know honest mistakes happen. Are you protected?